headphones that hit the middle-range
a lo down on the mid-range headphones

I've been in a relationship and buying an apartment with my partner for a few years now. We have a very tight budget and for me buying new headphones has to be the most nerve-wracking experience lately. I really feel a bit stupid about getting so wound up but because I'd persuaded my partner that getting the latest iPhone was the best way forward (I did this by giving him my old iPhone!) it was like the next thing along to cause a headache in the budget department. All I knew when I set out looking was I needed to get the best wireless headphones and they had to be under 300. Oh and I had to have noise cancellation because I'm really happy living with my partner but I do have to spend time alone - or at least take myself away from my surroundings in order to be able to concentrate on what I'm trying to read or research.

Wireless Bluetooth Are My favourite Headphones

So when I settled on the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones I made sure I was getting the best price I could find and once they were in my world I knew I'd made no mistake - they seriously are the best headphones under 300 bar none! I particularly like the touch control on these headphones because being right-handed they suit me just fine. The touch sensitive touchpad is similar to a laptop touchpad and Sennheiser have situated this on the right ear cup so I just tap once to play music, or swipe my finger along the surface up to down for volume control or left/right to skip forward or reverse. These things are easy and I soon got used to it all. I haven't quite got used to the other four choices mind you - yet! These are the Sennheiser "Effects" which means I can have it on setting 1. Off (which I admit I do most of the time), 2. Club mode (for music), 3. Movie mode, and 4. Speech.

Under 300 dollars is the headphones sweet spot

The last big thing for me apart from everything that I love about these best ever headphones is the battery because I worried a lot about the battery and how long it would take to charge it. Can't believe my luck because it fully charges within 3 hours and I love that I never accidentally leave it on because it turns off automatically when I fold it up. For headphones under 300 these are simply the best headphones ever.